Thank you for your interest in FELLOWSHIP CHURCHES UNITED!
The purpose and mission of FELLOWSHIP CHURCHES UNITED, is to provide a vehicle of true fellowship for the brethren through the Word of God. The truest form of fellowship is around the Word of God where each individual's life is Christ centered and focused on the furtherance of the Kingdom. We have received the mandate to build God's Kingdom in the earth as we take Christ to the nations! This can only be done through the winning of souls.  
Under the leadership of our Archbishop, Dr.Gracie LaFavor Jackson, FELLOWSHIP CHURCHES UNITED provides leadership and laity the opportunity to develop, grow, and mature as we enhance the Kingdom, preparing for the return of Jesus, the Christ of God. We endeavor to acclomplish this goal by "God centered" leadership working together to    "build and occupy"; building men and women who will also build the kingdom!
Fellowship Churches United is a strong, mission minded organization. The mission is engulfed in the desire of the people of God to operate and
function as "one man". We are many members, but one body. The one man blessing may only be achieved by working together, and through surrender, submission, and accountability to God and to each other. FCU provides opportunity to each member to lovingly offer their gifts and talents for the work of the ministry and the building of God's Kingdom.
We invite you to become a member of our  dynamic, growing congregation; and be a part of the great work that God has assigned FCU. Let's Get Busy! Jesus is on His Way Back! Let's Build The City!
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